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Dorsey wants more decentralization :)


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1968, Daniel Craig was born! That's the guy who played James Bond.

It's a shame Bond can't save us from centralization, but that's what Dorsey is working on. We'll talk about him in this digest. In addition, we'll look at four coins to DYOR and news about the stability of Solana.

Let's go!


Jack Dorsey is creating a decentralized Twitter!

BlueSky. The naming is great. Why not "Hero" or "Decentraland"? Oh, the latter is already taken, okay?

Mr Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, apparently had enough of centralization and all the bureaucracy. That's why he:

– Invested in Damus, working on the Nostr protocol, which is about decentralization

– Released BlueSky on the AppStore. Currently only for testers.

All these applications are for one purpose - decentralization. The word "decentralization" is mentioned a lot in this post…

So what?

It's probably not worth waiting for a token because Dorsey is a bitcoin maximalist, and they don't like all these altcoins. Unless they start paying for tweets in satoshis :)


FTX is crack at the seams | Twitter 2.0 (on crypto) | Solana is on the mend

1. Former FTX Top Manager Admits to Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

2. Solana will work on improving stability

3. Creator of Twitter launches decentralized alternative...Twitter!  


Momoguro is cooming... 

x's are coming? yeah. seems like that. 


The 6town Port Rebels: NFT From Sony!

Disclaimer: Moni Talks is not responsible for this project. If it scams you, it's your own fault, don't cry in the chat, okay? We brought it to you for study.

The 6town Port Rebels. Long story short, they want to create a big ecosystem for artists. Somy Music had a hand in it. So it’s worth DYORing! 

What's going on:

- Moni Discover Score: 80 (average)

- Signed artists: Wassie, RoyZzz, Casper

- NFT collection from a cool Web2 company

- Metaverse for creative individuals

DYOR links:



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Thursday moves :) 

Four tokens you can (probably) invest in

We took this thread from Twitter Streets to show you here, in Gem City. No financial advice! DYOR! 

1) $LIT  @Timeless_Fi

Yield protocol market. Some DeFi degens are sure the success comes thooon. 

2) $ARCH @ArchimedesFi

The thread author enjoyed the tokenomics but thinks his DYOR on this sucks. DYOR :) 

3) $RDNT @RDNTCapital

As the author said, it’s a great technology. It is a good tech, and it's fundamental acting as lending protocol of our cross-chain future.

4) $PENDLE @pendle_fi

The author said he has seen the team improve since V1, and now they're going mass adoption in V2.

Strong DYOR! Btw, you can always use the Moni tracker to never miss pumps. 



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