User Agreement

This document helps regulate the relationship between the Administration and the User of the content site moni talks located at to define the rights and obligations of the parties and guarantee the correct operation of the resource to resolve disputes in case such appear. The administration reserves the right to add clauses, change the provisions, and delete the document's provisions without any additional notification.

The document applies to the relationship associated with the receipt and processing of visitors' personal data required for the correct operation of the resource. This document is published to enable free access to the information presented.

Basic terms

The following are the terms used in the document:

1. Administration - Individuals or legal entities who ensure the correct operation of a content-news site to distribute materials to visitors.
2. A website is a collection of databases, programs, graphic information and informational materials available on the Internet at a particular network address.
3. Personal information (PI) - data that helps to indirectly or accurately identify a visitor.
4. A user is a visitor to pages of a content and news site.
5.PI processing: various procedures related to the visitors' data (collection, capture, storage, systematisation, addition, application, transmission, deletion).
6. Automated PI processing means procedures related to personal data that are performed only using technology.
7. Cookies are letters, numbers, and other files that collect statistics on visits to resource pages.
8. The list may be added to or shortened without notice.

Responsibilities of the administrator

The content website administrator can determine the number and type of PI processing procedures and entrust this process to another person with the user's consent. He is obliged to process PI, respond to user requests, report information to Government Digital Commission within thirty days upon request, provide the user with information about their PI processing, act to protect PI of natural persons, to protect PI from disclosure by third parties.

Rights and obligations of the user

The user can receive information about the processing of his PI, request clarification, block or destruction of PI in case of inaccuracy, incompleteness, obsolescence, or illegal receipt. The resource visitor can also appeal against the administrator's actions regarding the processing of PIs.

PI processing by the website

The PI processing is performed to comply with the Constitution's provisions, the content-news site's operation, informing the user by e-mail, and providing access to the data published on the content-news site.
The administrator can send the user notifications of new products, services, events and special offers. The other party may choose to prohibit receiving information by opting out of the electronic mailing list.