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How to send and receive tokens with help of 1inch


Using 1inch dApp, you can easily send or receive assets from any connected wallet!

The main thing is to connect your wallet before starting.

How to send assets

In order to send assets from a connected wallet, click on the address inthe upper right corner of the page.

Then click the "Send" button on the "Account" panel.

Here you need to enter the address of the wallet to which you are going to send your hard-earned money and in what quantities.

After making sure that the address and amount are correct, press the"Send" button. You will then be prompted to sign the transaction in the connected wallet. Once signed, the transaction will be sent to the blockchain.

How to get assets:

To receive assets from the connected wallet for your laborious crypto activities, click on the address in the upper right corner of the page.

Then click on the "Receive" button on the "Account" panel.

From here, you can access the QR code as well as the public receiving address of your connected wallet. Simply copy and paste it into the wallet you are sending from, sign the transaction in your wallet and the funds will be sent.


Always double check that the address and network are correct before sending!! Assets that are sent to the wrong address or to the wrong network cannot be recovered! (lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!) And by the way, we had a stream with 1inch co-founder - Anton Bukov. It’s old, of course, and one of our first... but it’s still worth a look!

Click here to watch:)


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