Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #682, 03 February 2023

FED raised rates, crypto rallies well


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Today…well. We didn't write off historical analogues, but for now, it's crucial to inform you about some updates. We merged the morning post, the first news post and the digest post into one post. It will make your Moni Talks experience much more comfortable. We will remove all trash info from the flow and leave only the significant things.

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The FED and crypto. Forever together! But…

The day before yesterday, the FED raised rates. Ok, our Gem Hunter, we have the same knowledge as most crypto heads have = zero! But we're going to explain to you the rates' definition.

When the FED raises the rates, borrowers must give back more money. That's why less money is flowing into the market. That’s why crypto doesn't pump. Btw, this time no one cared about the rates. The rally came to the house!

– Optimism $OP jumped by  200% in one month

– ETH touched the $1700 mark for the first time in five months!

– FTM made 178%,  Aptos - 321% in the last 30 days

– Metaverses try to catch it up too! The Decentraland token $MANA raised by 139%

– Some crypto “influencers” were burning Solana… it made 74% :)

More tokens to feel some FOMO

So what?

Adoption is not only crypto's need but yours too. You should adapt quickly. Like, we prepared the SPIN activity for you, and we hope the $SPIN token can bring some x’s.

Also, we will try to show you the project we think can become significant in the future. You can't just miss them. Follow them to make crypto! Satoshi blesses you.


Polygon > Ethereum | Bitcoin’s gold cross | Make algostables Great again (Djed story)

1. NFT sales on Polygon at OpenSea overtook Ethereum 

2. Bitcoin's possible rise is indicated by the S&P 500

3. Cardano's Djed made 10 million in turnover in 24 hours

4. Former head of cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb has been arrested

5. BNB-Chain unveiled a whitepaper, Web3 storage for you!


Everyone talks about Canto! 

This mf talks about Canto too 


Ghost Child: a closed community and Australia

Ghost Child is another creative association, this time hailing from Australia. HODLing NFT will involve access to a closed community. The roadmap is still in progress, so let's see what's available.

What's available:

- 6,000 skeletons on Ethereum

- Closed community access

- Cool pixel art

- Cute website

Learn more about the project via Moni Discover: 

See this project in Moni Discover↗All links and stats are there.

Friday Crypto Moves! 

Get some $SPIN, Spinosaurs!

Remember Airdrop Spin? The project is looking for 600 people to share 750k $SPIN tokens when it comes out.

Your Moves: 

– Quests will come to Crew3 soon. Join now! 

– Earn XP passing quests via Crew3

– Join Discord and get a role by putting emoji to post

– Check more here



Will Gryazin be able to escape the bull's trap??? 

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