Privacy Policy

The editors of the moni talks website at ensure the security of personal data users indicates to work with the site. This document describes what data can be requested from users, how it is handled, how much it is stored and whether it is passed on to third parties.

The privacy policy also lets you know the purposes for personal information (PI) may be requested or disclosed. The content-news site recommends privacy precautions.
1.The editorial office collects personal information necessary only for the operation of the site. The PI is used for the following purposes: to identify the user of the site, to communicate with the user, to allow the user to request or receive information about the use of the website, to obtain information about the user's movements to optimise content.
2. PI is data that the user personally provides to the content and website by creating an account or submitting a request to receive the newsletter by e-mail. PI also includes information transmitted automatically - information about the access device, cookie data, and IP address. The list of data received is determined by the method of authorisation on the website. The editorial team can obtain the name, sex, age, and location (based on social media profiles) and contact telephone number and e-mail address.
3. The editorial board protects PI from unauthorised access, use, disclosure and other variants of time. Access to the user's personal data is granted only to those employees who use the PI to organise the operation of the website and provide access to the content published on the site.
4. The editorial board reserves the right to forward data received from the user to fulfil legal requirements to stop illegal activities and other violations. Information may be disclosed by court order and law enforcement authorities and other cases as provided by law.
5. Using PI, The editorial board may send the user messages and texts of automatic mailings, including advertisements.
6. The editorial board is not liable for the use of PI by third parties if the user himself indicates them in the publications of the content website. The user is aware of the potential consequences of publishing personal data.
7. The user may stop using the website and submit a request to the editorial board to delete the account. The editorial board will delete the personal information received within 30 working days of receiving such a request from the user.