Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #742, 01 May 2023

Dive into the ZkSynс ecosystem | Venom testnet | $PEPE FOMO


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today they celebrate International Workers' Day in some countries. Yeah, crypto heads go nuts about work daily; why should we celebrate something? 

Btw, the crypto space is an excellent mix of capitalism and socialism. Let these workers get airdrops; let the funds grab millions. Btw, let’s cover the news you could miss this weekend and crypto activities you should pass to grab some airdrops. 

Let’s go! 


DYOR ZkSync ecosystem and…

We’ll start this digest with activities and projects you should DYOR.

- Spin.Sale soon. Prepare to pump! Click 

- zkSwap: Testnet and 2 airdrops at the same time? Click

- zkEra: Airdrop for LPs? Click

- veSync: How to get airdrop? Click

- Venom: We've been waiting for Testnet; now it's time to drop. Click

- Pepe's Game: Test this casino and grab airdrop. Click


Test yourself!  

– The CNBC crypto quiz. Pass it!   

– Mastercard and Aptos Labs, Ava Labs, Polygon, and Solana are developing Crypto Credential. A new payment standard to increase trust to the crypto sector 

– New Venmo feature lets users transfer crypto to outside wallets—and to each other



We could become millionaires again, right?




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