News01 March 2023

Solana will work on improving stability


Network update 1.14, which was released last week, raised concerns about maintaining network stability during major updates.

This is about the same Solana chain crash that caused a wave of outrage and memes with the network's performance chart.

On Tuesday, a co-founder of Solana Labs himself said that they would make improvements to the update process. In short, he is not thrilled with the blockchain's performance during updates either. Co-founder of Solana Labs, Anatoly Yakovenko, said:

"The issues surrounding the 1.14 network update last week - which was aimed at improving speed and scale - clearly demonstrated that maintaining stability during such major updates remains a challenging task."

On the other hand, this update was really important, as core engineers worked to fix problems that affected the network's speed and ease of use. It had problems, namely: invalid gas accounting, lack of transaction flow control, lack of commission markets, and other strictly technical issues.

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