Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #906, 06 February

How to maximize your gains on Blast?


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

It doesn't matter, buddy, whether you've jumped into Blast or not. There will soon be many cool projects on it, and we should definitely be the first there 🐴

Oh, if you're the first in the narrative, you can make some serious money!

Gems on Blast:

🟣️ Thruster

In short, this is a super gem project by degens, for degens. It's both a DEX for users and a tool for developers. Great subscriptions and a very high Moni Discover score.

The project is already in the testnet, you can try it out (you'll need the code).

We're waiting for the launch; it might have a tasty drop.

🟣️ ZAP

This is where you can stake tokens and invest future profits in coins. Sounds pretty cool. It's the second project on Blast after Thruster.

You can leave your email for updates.

🟣️ Blastoise

A meme coin (official, lol) on Blast. They made memes based on Pokémon. Go to the website, click on the Pokémon icon (the red ball), click on "Fight" - "Blast," and tweet. It's supposed to give you something (WHAT KIND OF POKÉMON IS THIS?).

🟣️ Risk

A betting platform. They've raised $125k. Not bad. The token could be super interesting. Keep an eye on it.

🟣️ 100x

A DEX on Blast. Interesting subscriptions.

🟣️ Bloom

A DEX with 50x leverage on Blast.

🟣️ EarlyFans

SocialFi on Blast. Looks memey. You can leave your email on the website.

🟣️ AI Waifu

As the devs write this Waifu is going to replace your gf. LOL. 

🟣️ Bitconnect

These folks took the name of an old scam for their project. It's not entirely clear what it will be yet. But the name is already memey!


so lol


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