Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #899, 24 January

You only have yourselves to blame!


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1984, the first 'Mac' was born. No, not McDonald's, but the Macintosh. Did its creators know that the 'Mac' would become so legendary? No. They were just doing something and believing in it.

We're doing the same. And so are you. Keep going and believe. Let's go!

📰 News going to press:

- Bitwise blames high expectations for the market crash due to inflated expectations from the ETF. Ha-ha-ha. Overall, a dip was expected. No panic. We're waiting for growth.

- Someone launched the DOOM game on Dogecoin. 

- Is Andre Cronje coming back with new projects? Seems like it!

🔮 What are the projects up to?

- Aevo migrated to Celestia. Maybe there will be a $TIA staking airdrop too?

- Magic Eden announces rewards.

💸 Which projects raised money?

- The gaming crypto company Arcade raised $5m from Delphi Ventures and others. They have nice subscriptions on Twitter. Worth keeping an eye on their projects, there might be some gems.






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