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How to get 1inch tokens for spending gas?


Did you know that they give you cashback for using 1inch? What do you have to do to get it? One guide and no questions anymore!

Gas and 1inch

Gas (commission) fees for Ethereum transactions are paid in ETH. Btw, let us remind you that 1inch allows users who don't already have cryptocurrency to buy ETH or other coins to do it for fiat directly in a 1inch wallet.

Additionally, 1inch users can customise the gas price when making swaps. They can choose between the "Market" option and the "Aggressive" option, which speeds up the transaction. There is also a custom option for those who prefer to set their gas price.

1inch also offers several options that allow users almost entirely to cover gas costs:

Gasless limit orders
Place limit orders when swapping tokens that support ETH permissions.

Using alternative L2 solutions such as Arbitrum, Optimism and others that place transactions on a separate network and validate the results on the Ethereum blockchain.

Timing for Transactions For non-urgent transactions and those users who like to wait, there is a way to find the optimal gas value for trade on Ethereum.

By returning gas up to 95%, 1inch users can compensate up to 95% of the gas spent on Ethereum transactions. 

The latest method we need, yuh.

We are getting compensated in 1inch tokens for burnt gas!

The expanded terms of the 1inch gas refund program make it available to all users who have transacted on Ethereum. 1inch users will now benefit from the program regardless of their 1INCH token staking. Users don't need to stake anything to get a 5% gas refund.

Step-by-step guide: 

1. Go to the 1inch platform

2. Click here and see how many tokens you get

3. Click on Claim gas refund

4. Click the Claim button.

5. Confirm the transaction

Brilliant! Here you have your cashback, aka refund! If you have any requests or questions on this guide, you can drop by our chat - click


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