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1inch mobile app review (Guide is waiting!)


1inch hasn't just developed the greatest DEX aggregator and made its mobile version. For whom? For you! Now you can swap not leaving your lovely mobile phone you can't imagine life without. Even your grandmother could dive into the degen world with it, but let us tell you everything step-by-step, ok? 

Let's start! 

Download the version you need:

- for Apple fans 
- for Android adepts

Choose the "Create" button to...create the wallet. Or the "Import" one to...import! Then choose the name and color. As you wish!

On the main screen in block #1, you can see your wallet, address and balance (you can hide from the curious frens). Also, here you can buy crypto for fiat, get QR with an address for deposit and send tokens wherever you need.

The second block (2) has recent articles from the 1inch blog.

In the third (3), you can see your token assets, NFTs, and transaction history.

At the top (4), you can add another wallet or create a new one, switch your network and scan the QR to send tokens.

At the bottom (5), you can go to other wallet functions, namely:

- Exchange

- Stake 1inch

- Read the news, play a 1inch Game, bookmark DeFi services and several bridges

- Application settings


It's simple: you choose what you want to change and to what, see if the gas suits you, click and voila!


If you have 1inch tokens, you can stake them and get your percentage. It's easy, but a penny drops into your wallet. If you are a 1inch holder, you must do it (NFA!)

News / Bookmarks / Bridges

This section is more diverse than the last and contains three blocks - as you have already understood from the title. Let's run through each one.

Here we have the latest crypto news, including from Gem City, which is known to be the hottest.

Bookmarks with popular DeFi services such as 1inch, Compound, Aave, etc.


The third section contains links to (rly?!) bridges for swapping assets between different blockchains.


Here, as again, it is clear from the name you can customize the application to your liking; thankfully, there are enough settings for this.

That's all for now! As a reminder, you can get the 1inch app by these links: 

- for Apple fans 
- for Android adepts


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