Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #996, 13 June

Hopes a(gain), expectations a(gain).


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1949, Orwell's novel "1984" was named Book of the Year in the USA.

We think everyone knows what it's about. A dystopia.

ZkSync was probably inspired by this book before their airdrop and reinterpreted the main principles of the society in the novel:

"Drops are poverty. Decentralization is centralization. Zero transactions are a big allocation."

And now briefly about the important stuff. We value your time; time is Moni.

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What's up?

– ZkSync.

Revelations have started. As written on Twitter:

– 9k wallets received the maximum airdrop of 100k tokens. That is, 4.3% of the drop goes to 9k wallets. That's A LOT of tokens for that number of wallets. D E C E N T R A L I Z A T I O N.

– People are finding more and more wallets that did almost nothing (1-2 transactions), but got the maximum airdrop.

– Nansen decided that it's not worth getting involved. They say, yes, we provided information, but we did not engage in anti-sybil activities.

– Oyster Labs (TON PHONE) started issuing refunds to 6000 lucky people.

So, everything's okay, there will be a phone and airdrops. But the lucky ones will get their money back for the phone. 

A couple of our subscribers have already received them. Check your emails.

– Mr. Biden and his team are considering accepting campaign donations through Coinbase.

In $TRUMP tokens...? :)

Market overview:

– The Fed left the rate unchanged: 5.25-5.5%.

Now analysts expect a rate cut of 100 points in 2025, though they were expecting 75.

In simple terms. The economy is quietly stabilizing. This is good. We continue to be bulls.


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