Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #709, 15 March

What is DCA, and why should you learn about it?


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is World Consumer Protection Day! Eh..you know..here in crypto…we do not need any protection, really. Regulators try to tie the rope of financial freedom, but for now, this battle just began. 

That’s why you must dive into crypto deeper and know everything you can. DCA, for example, you know it? We’ll tell you about it. Also, we’ll cover some news and crypto activities you could miss.

Let’s go! 


Is DCA the best way to invest?

We found a great thread about DCA. You’ll know: 

– What is the DCA strategy? 

– How and when can you use it in crypto to become more successful? 

– What is the critic o DCA? 

Check this thread out; you’ll love it! Click here


BTC reached $26k | META breaks friendship with NFTs 

– BTC touched $26k 

– Binance faces troubles with the pounds

– Breaking Meta Plans to Wind Down NFTs

– While the banks are out - DeFi is growing!


The 3rd wave is cooomiing

Wanna be one of Wizards? 


Crypto Moves

- beraDEX: Let's pass this testnet on Arbitrum! (and sitting pretty on Berachain). Check it out. 

- Stack Swap: A New Drop on Arbitrum? Check it out. 

- SyncSwap: Chasing the ZkSync drop. Check it out. 


This bro know everything about DCA

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