Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #825, 08 September

Update your Apple device now!


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is International Literacy Day. Let's be literate and quickly update our Apple devices, if you have them. Smart people and Apple themselves inform that scammers use exploits that can be cured with a new update. So do it!  

Project News: 

- Swell will now work through LayerZero so you can send swETH (i.e. the ETH you staked into SWELL) across different blockchains. If you want, you can participate in the second round of the Swell airdrop using the link. The project will have a token coming out in Q4 

- The BASE fund rolled out 6 projects it has invested in. We will DYOR these projects a little later 


- Media reports that the founder of the crypto exchange from Turkey Thodex was given 11,196 years in prison. 16 of the 21 defendants in the case were released. Long story short, guys stopped the exchange back in 2021 promising it’s going remain work soon. So nothing has. Ok…11,196 years…guys wished get x’s. They did it. 


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true story bro


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