Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #1009, 04 July

Trump is 100% crypto dog. Probably.


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is Independence Day in the USA. Happy Fourth of July! How about we make it Independence Day from Gensler too, huh?

Now, let's quickly cover the important stuff, because we value your time - time is Moni.

What's up?

– Forbes wrote that Trump is supposedly calling for Bitcoin to be made the US reserve currency.

He also says the US should be first in crypto.

GM, DONALD =)) Turns out the technology shouldn’t be banned, but developed! Wow!!!

– Russia might legalize stablecoins for cross-border payments.

We're waiting for Russia to create its own blockchain. We already have a couple of ideas for meme coins!

– Crypto Twitter. One minute we're bulls, the next we're bears.

Crypto guy Andrew Kang says Bitcoin could go to $40k. We're saying both a rise and a pullback are likely right now.

Probably the best move is to do nothing and wait. Buy during a dip, sell during a rise. 

– Loop broke $1.2 million in TVL! Nice job, they'll probably keep growing. And we’re still super early.

– Notcoin, together with Helika, wants to launch a mini-app developer accelerator on Telegram. So many apps are coming...

But seriously, keep an eye on this. There will probably be some very cool projects. Don’t expect TON to repeat Solana. TON might just shine with mini-apps, it seems.

– Grass (remember them?) boasts that they've open-sourced 600 million posts from Reddit. Now AI will be trained on them. They claim they're putting AI back in the hands of people. It’s an interesting piece of news, but it’s unclear whether the project will lead to a massive data leak (lol) or if an underdog will become a tier-1 project.




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