Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #1013, 10 July

Why Does TON Need L2?


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1856, Nikola Tesla was born. Essentially, thanks to him, we have radio, X-rays, hydroelectric power stations, and much more.

The real technologies. We need such in crypto lol.

Now, briefly about the important stuff. Because we value your time; time is Moni.

What's up?

- The TON Foundation currently has no plans to build L2. 

Yesterday's news about L2 from TON is not about an official L2, but rather an L2 from enthusiasts who want to build L2 in TON.

L2, L2, L2.

All right. Take a look at the L2 sector. Now look at the memecoin and mini apps sector. Back to L2.

- Crypto Twitter is buzzing that an Ethereum ETF will launch on July 15.

Wow, we're really looking forward to it.

- Yesterday, $126.7 million flowed into the BTC ETF. Whew... imagine how the money will pour into the ETH ETF.

Mmm... now imagine $ETH at $10k... the week will start with a mental orgasm.

- A meme about the dog from VKontakte is going viral.

You need to log in and claim tokens 👈

No need to tap anything. Just log in.

For now.

- BOB raised $1.6 million from Ledger Ventures, Aave, and Curve Finance.

BOB also promised to allocate $1 million for startups to build BOB infrastructure.

The technology. We've been into BOB for a long time. What's everyone doing there? Gryazin is just holding liquidity and observing, but in observer mode only. Waiting for an airdrop.




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