Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #707, 13 March 2023

The USDC Story. FUD…FUD never changes.


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today they celebrate Elephant Day in Thailand. Let's take an elephant as a role model? Like… it's enormous and calm. It doesn't attack anyone first. 

Here in crypto, being calm is a skill you should develop as the main one. Why? Huh. You'll get why by reading the USDC story. Moreover, we'll cover the best crypto activities we found last week.  

Let's go!


The USDC Story.

We think you already know the core of this story. Btw, we are here to provide you with the shortest TL'DR you could find to feed your brain with some USDC info can get the narratives. 

– The News Flow: 

1) Last Friday, the media castles launched their FUD machines full of FUD arrows to reach our crypto space. Silicon Valley Bank, aka SVB, became bankrupt. So Circle, the USDC father and mother, stored $3,3b of reserves in this bank. According to this piece of news, the USD coin went to $0.8…the FUD began! 

2) During these dreadful weekends, crypto heads were buying, shorting, and longing USDC. Also, they were swapping USDC for USDT or some other coins. 

Panic, evil, humiliation, sadness…

3) For now, USDC is equal to $0.98

4) Circle rolled out the press release saying all reserves are SAFU. 

– Takeaways: 

1) As far as we remember, after all the USDT funds, the market started to grow some 

2) Ppl in chats argue with each other. Btw, if you swapped all your USDC for USDT and lost some - it's okay. If you wanted to short USDC and lost some - that's okay too! You got some exp. 

3) We don't wanna go deeper and blame the media for panic. Btw, remember that following emotions are the worst way to live this life, especially in crypto. Cool head only. 

Break a leg, Gem City! 


Рынок > SEC | Испытания CBDC | Токен Huobi воскрес из мертвых

 SWIFT will conduct additional tests of CBDC


GM say it back

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Crypto Moves

- beraDEX: Let's pass this testnet on Arbitrum! (and sitting pretty on Berachain). Check it out. 

- Stack Swap: A New Drop on Arbitrum? Check it out. 

- SyncSwap: Chasing the ZkSync drop. Check it out. 


Blowfish sent emails to make scammers make blow jo…

Such a vulgarity! Sorry, but we can't cover any scammers' mentions in other ways. Btw, we told you about Blowfish a long time ago, and its form was living in our digests for a while. You can now check your email box to grab a beta link.

– What's it?

The Web3 security app! It simulates transactions on Solana, Ethereum, and Polygon blockchains to show whether they are scammy.

– How did you like it?

So-so for now. Fire and Stelo work better. It should be told Blowfish works faster, and this extension is lighter.

– So what?

Eh! This project raised approximately $12 million from giants like Uniswap and Paradigm. Check your email box and leave your feedback. If you didn't receive a letter, you could follow these steps:

– Put your email via this website

– Wait some days. They send emails weekly

– Test the app and leave your feedback via this form



USDT can't get why only 1 FUD wave

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