Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #931, 15 March

$SWELL on April 15th? Getting rich!


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1906, Rolls-Royce company was officially registered. Perhaps even then they knew that over 100 years later the Moni Talks community would come together to make millions, so they started making cars for us in advance.

And now to the Digest. Brief and to the point. Because we value your time, time is Moni!

📰 News we're sending to print:

- SEC website crashed, lol

🔮 Project news:

- Swell will launch TGE in mid-April. Congratulations to everyone who staked $ETH with us. It should be tasty. And April itself will be very rich in drops and goodies from a bunch of other projects. Stay tuned!

- Solana's market capitalization has exceeded $81 billion. Thank the memecoins for that!

- Metis had an update. We're waiting for more info

🎧 News about early projects*:

- Pacmoon launched yesterday. At the time of digest publication, the token is worth $0.014. Who got the drop? We decided to hold. Definitely until the official Blast drop

You can tweet or provide liquidity there to qualify for the second drop. You can also make memes to get points for the 2nd drop

- Beramonium partnered with HoneyPot. The Berachain ecosystem continues to breathe as a single organism

- Info on Yeet minting. Who gets WLs, who gets airdrops, how it will proceed, and so on

- Zeta added new bonuses

*early projects can either turn out to be scams or profitable. Be careful! :)

💸 Which projects have collected money?

- Berachain raised $69 million. BE RA CHAIN




Что интересного в лобби? 

Выложили ЦЕЛЫЙ звонок из Gem Hunters: там про все-все-все. Вообще про все. Вооооообще. Гемы, мысли по рынку, ранние проекты, нарратив и так далее. 

1 звонок в Gem Hunters заменяет сотню крипто каналов, проверь сам 

Клик 👈


ОЧЕНЬ крутой стрим по Cosmos (пока без таймкодов) 


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