Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #677, 27 January 2023

SUI is back on trend =))


Hey Moni Maker 💠

Soon, in 2093, people are expecting a total solar eclipse. That's when the Moon (not the one we are shilling to normies) completely obscures the Sun, and the dark comes to the Earth... Wow!

Btw, we believe that our decedents will meet this day living in a world full of technologies, harmony, and science. Knowing nothing about wars kills and evil. Ofc, it's a utopia. But we have to bear in my that tryouts of getting the ideal closer make us those who can do it one day, savvy?

Let's go! 

SUI - Aptos madness came back!

Two months ago, in December, we were trying to catch some SUI airdrops thinking the Aptos scenario could happen again. Btw, nobody went nuts on such ideas, we gave it up to continue our crypto news posts. But always catch FOMO before you leap ;) 

Yesterday the SUI team announced the 2nd wave of testnet, and Gem City realised why we had been talking about SUI for a long time. Let’s refresh your memory and grab some content we made for you, but you ignored it, ok? 

– Twitter list. It’s full of SUI gems collected by Gryazin. Follow it here 

– The 2nd wave of testnet. Check the post 

The video about NFT on SUI. It’s in Russian, but you can watch it with subtitles to see how Gryazin
is going crazy + some useful links in the bio. Watch it here.

So what? 

Tbh, SUI loses the timing. Yeah, Aptos did it great while SUI were hyping around and attracting users who could do nothing in the ecosystem for months. That’s why, degens left the SUI planet and so many projects were ignored and it’s injustice. Let’s DYOR! 


Sui Testnet Wave 2

Sui has start the second testnet wave means we should remain your activity in this blockchain.

👷‍♂️ Prepare to test:

- Install the wallet by the link

- Go to Discord

- In #Testnet-faucet ask for testnet tokens (write !faucet wallet number)

🛠 What to do:

- Go by the link and mint NFT

- Fill the validator form

- In the wallet press Stake & Earn SUI and steak than

- Mint NFT in the wallet

- If possible, you can raise a node according to the guide



Altcoin - all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin. Also, bitcoin maximalists often call altcoins shitcoins.

And more you can find in our Glossary!  


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