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SPIN the Vaults :)


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today they celebrate Teacher Day in Laos! Eh…we are kind of teachers ourselves :) Because we try to teach you how to use MetaMask safely, how to avoid scams and make x’s via guides, AMAs, news, and reviews! 

We receive some payments for that. Btw, it’s a little, but it’s fair to work. And we hope one-day bull run will pay this hard work off. That’s why let’s dive into digest right now, and today we’ll talk about Spin’s vaults. Also, we’ll check the new Hayes essay. Moreover, we’ll cover the American crypto taxes and Binance’s Polygon NFT adding. 

Let’s go! 


SPIN this bottle and dive into DOVs!

We are the official Spin ambassadors, so we believe in the project and await the TGE event. Btw, move to the update. 

Our beloved frens launched DeFi Option Valts in two types:

– Covered Call. You deposit NEAR and farm in Option Premiums

– Cash-Secured Put. You deposit USDC and farm in Option Premiums

The RGE comes soon in Q2 2023. So it’s highly recommended to use vaults to increase your airdrop chances. 

Here is the link! 


Dust on Crust

The new Hayes essay! What's in it: 

– Arthur explains the emergence of the principle of buying and selling Bitcoin for fiat

– Tells the story of the emergence and true purpose of stablecoins

– Debates on the decentralization of stablecoins...yes, yes

– Discusses the implementation of stablecoins in retail trade and what banks think about it

– NUSD stablecoin...Arthur has an idea for a stablecoin for the people!

Check the essay out by the link


Polygon is already on Binance | Joe Biden and crypto taxes | Silvergate is closing

1. Binance NFT now supports Polygon network

2. Joe Biden to propose changes in crypto taxation rules

3. Silvergate announces end of crypto support and voluntary liquidation


We feel you, fren...




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