Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #823, 06 September 2023

Once again, everyone hates Solana…or not?


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Our digests have started coming out much later at times because Gryazin got sick. 

Project news:

- LayerZero has added ZORA. You can now mint NFT

- BASE experienced its first significant drop (lol) in 45 minutes almost. Well, looks like there's interest in the project

- On Polygon zkEVM Mainnet Beta, there will be an update today at 11:00 UTC. We recommend
refraining from using it during this time


- Something strange is happening in the media with Solana. Some say the number of users has dropped to the lowest point in the last 2 years, while others claim Solana has 1475 active developers, compared to Ethereum's 5946. Long story short, statistics can be manipulated to fit a narrative. We advise not to pay too much attention to all these "NFT has no users" and "this blockchain's user count dropped" headlines. Crypto media are simply chasing views, which is why they use such strong headlines.


true story




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