Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #861, 07 November

Hard Solana ALPHA


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in some countries, they celebrate the humorous "Hug a Bear" day. We certainly love bears, but wouldn't it be nice to hug bulls too, right? Let's get into that now.

Crypto Twitter influencer Aylo attended the Solana Breakpoint meetup and shared projects and their updates on Twitter. We're sharing the highlights with our comments.

Jupiter is planning to launch the $JUP token and distribute it to the community. This drop could potentially pump up DeFi on Solana, just like what happened with Aptos. People may not withdraw their funds from the ecosystem, but instead try to multiply them.

You can check your wallets through this tool.

Out of all the 907 projects that applied for a grant from Solana, one emerged as the winner - FluxBeam. It's an AI Telegram bot that simplifies blockchain usage. The number 907 is quite impressive.

The Teleport app is like the web3 version of Uber. It's also about rides, but drivers earn more, and passengers pay less thanks to the protocol.

SwissBorg, a platform for easy web3 investing, acquired Orca. Now their clients can buy almost any token on Solana.

Drip is launching next year. You can already apply and get an invite. In short, this platform is for creators - it should be interesting.

BackPack is building an exchange that will be integrated with a wallet. In short, they want to make an all-in-one application: both an exchange and a wallet, with extensions. Very convenient for adoption.

Firedancer has launched in the testnet. In brief, these folks want to make Solana super stable. And the most important thing - the TPS (transactions per second) will be approximately 1 million. That means it will process 1 million transactions per second.

Solana is alive and well, and it plans to stay that way. We're closely monitoring each project from the list above and will keep you informed :)


Elon shills its AI: 




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