Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #986, 30 May

ETF on Solana soon?


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today in Peru they are celebrating Potato Day. Btw, we are also farmers. First, we make 10,000 crypto accounts in the crypto winter, and then we reap the benefits. L0, ZkSync... please, hurry up!

Now, briefly about the important things. Because we value your time, time is Moni.

What's up?

– LayerZero has connected to Solana. Now Solana fans can transfer funds through L0. Ah, if only this connection had happened earlier, it would have boosted the future airdrop.

Ruslan001 would definitely appreciate it.

– In the chats, people are saying that Grass has started requesting email verification. You need to go to your Grass account, click on your avatar, and verify it.

Will we be touching the grass soon?

– Pacmoon launched its second version. You can create an account, invite friends, and farm $PAC.

We are eagerly waiting for the Blast airdrop. We really hope it pumps $PAC. Not financial advice.

– BlackRock updated their application for an Ethereum ETF, and the ETF itself should launch in 4-5 weeks, around July.

We've been buying $ETH all this time since 2022. It's time to get on the 🚀. But! Don’t expect quick results. Nothing will grow immediately, especially after the ETF approval. We need to wait.

Are we buying more $ETH?

– Cathie Wood said that crypto is (suddenly) a super relevant topic for US politicians, hence the approval of the Ethereum ETF. She says a Solana ETF is also possible, but an ETF on meme coins is unlikely.

She's not exactly an expert, but we knew all this without her because we are all analysts and experts here.

In the next six months to a year, crypto probably won't be heavily impacted by regulators. 

Bullish sentiments need to be maintained and supported in every possible way.

Well, for now.


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