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The top Solana alpha: airdrops, coins, and quests


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Crypto Twitter streets are buzzing about Solana. So, dear friend, what can you do on Solana apart from buying $SOL and holding it until the bull run?

Alright, let's now tell you what you need to explore.

I. Airdrops!

Frens are farming airdrops. It's the usual drill - maximize your project involvement, extend your usage time as much as possible, and meet the criteria. So, what do we have there?

Jupiter. We've already talked about it; there will definitely be an airdrop here. Is it too late? We don't know; you can poke around a bit so you don't suffer from FOMO later.

marginfi. A lending protocol. See what you can do here ⤵️

Jito. Liquid staking. People are doing things like:

They stake $SOL on JitoSOL, deposit jitoSOL into marginFi, and then borrow against it. This way, you can farm two airdrops at once.

Drift Protocol v2. A DEX with leverage and other perks.

Tensor. An NFT marketplace (yes, there are still more marketplaces out there!). It's straightforward; buy and sell NFTs here.

Zeta Markets. Trading perpetuals with up to 20x leverage. If it sounds complicated, just give it a try for fun! Well, with a very small amount you're willing to lose.

Parcl. A super ambitious project! You can trade RWA with leverage. In short, it's like trading real assets in crypto, and with leverage.

II. Useful Tools

FluxBeam. A Telegram bot for buying/selling Solana tokens.

Layer3. If you're not too familiar with Solana, you can complete quests on Layer3. Remember, Layer3 might also give out drops in the future.

Birdeye. You can track coins on Solana through this tool. Well, not just Solana, but definitely Solana :)

That's it. You can start slowly exploring the Solana ecosystem. And remember the golden rule of crypto!

If the coin is rising - it means the project is a gem.

If the coin is falling - it means the project is a scam.

Good luck!


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