Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #710, 16 March

Who let the dogs (shib's code) out?


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1831, Victor Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris was born. Well, it's about Quasimodo, remember him?

We are the kind of Quasimodo ourselves... sitting in a dungeon, hunchbacked, fearful, and hoping for a miracle from God. Sometimes we ring the bell to inform the crypto community about a dangerous or potential gem / successful trade. 

That's why now we will speak about testnet Shibarium and FUD around it. Also, we'll cover news about DeFi - yeah, it reached more than 25 billion in daily volume! And some more, of course. 

Let's go! 


Shibarium! Testnet and allegations of negligence

Yesterday we rolled out the post about the Shibarium testnet. Like, not a post but a guide. It's an l-2 protocol from the SHIB team. 

What should be added here? 

– First of all, be ready for slowly working faucets. Yeah, we know you are experienced, btw some Gem City Hunters catch butthurt every time they meet something that works unwell (lol, it's a beta!)

– Secondly, the real drama was rolling out around this testnet. 

One Discord user accused the devs of copying the rinia testnet code and putting it in the project. Believing his words, using this testnet will make you interact with another project, so you won't be able to use Shibarium but Rinia. 

The devs and validators defended the project by answering that fork is a usual way of IT and crypto life. Also, there needs to be evidence the code was copied wholly or by parts. 

So what? 

Bite me. Even if all these charges are accurate, you should pass this testnet. They also have a form for content makers. 

Btw, the token $SHIB fell 10% thanks to this case (we think so). So you can catch some volatility


DeFo reached the 25b volume! 

– DeFi reached 25 billion daily volume

– Regulators launched two investigations against Signature Bank due to money laundering


Twitter and ARBI airdrop

MONDAY again or...? 


Shibarium - testnet! 

Shibarium is a new L2 blockchain for dog lovers (yes, the Shiba Inu), and we're going to test it, Mr Chad.

What to do:

- Add the network using the link

- Request test tokens using the link

- Choose a delegator

- Stake tokens

You can also use the link to apply for a validator, content creator, or someone else. Whoof!




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