Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #702, 05 March

When will Shanghai happen and will Ethereum dump?


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Today is World Day Against Unemployment. Well, in general, over the past few years, crypto has made the greatest contribution to the fight against unemployment. Yes, we see a lot of FUD: SEC is shitting (sorry, no synonyms) on DeFi, and web3 companies are laying off people. But crypto still continues to feed many bright and not-so-bright minds.

So let's not pay attention to rumours. Ethereum will soon have an update - Shanghai. We'll talk about it today. There will also be the top activities of the week.

Let’s go! 


Watch the Shanghai Update! 

Hello, Gem City! We didn't have an "Editor's Choice" on Saturday because I was on vacation and chilling in Turkey.

Btw we could not leave you without any content. So we decided to provide you a good article about the next ETH update.

What's in it:

– How will Shanghai make the Ethereum network better for developers?

–Conclusions about ETH... will stakers dump the price?

–What do Ethereum developers themselves think about this upgrade?

Personally, I staked 2 ETH through the Swell Protocol project, which promised an airdrop to all stakers. You could stake less than 32 ETH in their pool. That's why I'm really looking forward to the upgrade! And you?

Check out the article on the website.


Curve Ball

We decided to skip TLDR because Hayes talks about geopolitical stuff, and we don't want to provide you with some wrong retelling. Btw, the most significant points are:

– World War III is going on

– This War can pump the energy sources' prices so BTC will follow them

– It's a huge mistake to make takeaways at the beginning of such events. Often market reacts wrongly

And yes. Curve Ball is a ball a player throws in football, baseball or other game in such a way you know nothing about its trajectory.

Read more in the post


Uniswap fights with Apple :( 

1. The Uniswap project plans to launch a wallet for iPhone users, but...

2. Vitalik Buterin believes that Ethereum needs to improve its user experience.


SEC follows DeFi...

Bankless told SEC...ok, check da Tweet. 


Three projects to DYOR! 

Who raised some $$$??? Let's figure it out. Btw, we also rolled out the guide you could get why you need this rubric and such posts.

All eyes are on the infographic!

EthSign - create an interface between Web2 and Web3. Will be involved in presenting open source infrastructure and applications for specific scenarios.

Renegade is a DEX, which provides universal trade privacy. This means that trading activity is completely hidden from all third parties both before and after the transaction.

Papr is an NFT lending plaform. You can pledge NFT for a loan, buy tokens and provide liquidity to earn money on Uniswap.

DYOR, we'll keep looking

See this project in Moni Discover↗All links and stats are there.


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