Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #949, 11 April

All about Restaking and Mr. Gensler


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 2017, Microsoft stopped updating Windows Vista. Everything comes to an end... except for the endless FOMO that arises when you look at the chart of the next meme coin.

And now let's quickly tell you about the most important thing. Quickly, because we value your time, time is Moni.

What's up with the projects?

- Swell is soon launching their L2 for restaking. Everyone who deposits is promised perks in the form of an increased airdrop, EigenLayer points, and drops from projects on this L2. You need to stake within the first 4 weeks to receive perks

Link right here 👈

In short, we're expecting a drop from Swell in April and the launch of L2 in the 3rd quarter. This will be a very interesting project that you shouldn't miss

- By the way, about staking. Our good friends from 0Y have become big guys in EigenLayer. Now you can delegate your ETH through them. And they also have a contest going on!

Link also right here 👈

- CyberConnect also suggests restaking your ETH from Puffer, Renzo, and Ether.fi through them

We've restaked, you can too 👈

What's the news?

- SEC is suing Uniswap. Mr. Gensler couldn't defeat Ripple, where did he jump to on Uniswap?

This is not just a struggle between regulators and companies. This is a struggle between the old world and the new. A struggle between crypto and bankers. Big shocks await us. Stay tuned

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