Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #831, 18 September 2023

Gensler outplays the market?


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Today marks World Water Quality Monitoring Day. In the crypto communities, things are going well - guides are made up of 99% water. But, okay, it's too toxic for a Monday - we love and embrace everyone.

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Mark Cuban lost $870k due to a scam attack, with funds taken from MetaMask. 


What if the SEC against crypto is just a theater?

Sometimes Gryazin (that's me, or rather Gryazin's alter ego "political") tells us that the whole show between the SEC and crypto is BlackRock theater.

On Twitter, some influencers have started having similar thoughts.

1. Mike Alfred writes:

SEC insider says chief Gary Gensler has told friends and advisors that he would like to gracefully extricate himself from his “personal Vietnam” by approving one or more spot Bitcoin ETFs from the major fund companies where he hopes to get a job after leaving the agency

2. Crypto Linn writes:

Most likely, BlackRock is intentionally dumping crypto through the SEC to buy it at lower prices. After the Bitcoin halving, there will be a big rally, and Bitcoin will hit its all-time high in 2025.


1. BTC ETFs will be approved

2. The SEC's fight against crypto is just theater

3. The bull market will be very profitable, but it may indeed become the last one. BlackRock will ride it out, pump and dump in 2026

4. Leaving crypto now, even if L0 or ZkSync don't give you a drop, is like finding a USB drive with BTC in 2013 and flushing it down the toilet

The whole world is a theater, and we are its actors. We, along with you, will be the ones who profit. Stay tuned.


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