Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #933, 19 March

Polyhedra gives airdrop


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1953, the Oscars ceremony was shown on TV for the first time. Do you watch these shows? Honestly, we don't, because... why bother? Crypto is one big show. And now we'll prove it to you.

Let's do this quickly because we value your time. Time is Moni.

📰 News going to press:

- CZ is planning to launch an educational platform

- Who else hasn't realized that the L2 narrative is super powerful? Here are 100 projects building their L2.

🔮 Project News:

- Today at 9:00 UTC, Polyhedra will be claimed. Listings on major exchanges in an hour. Awaited!

- Stake $CYBER through the link. Various perks will be given for staking. A snapshot will be made on March 22nd, and Polyhedra drops will be distributed on March 25th. Stake from 10 $CYBER needed.

The campaign itself runs until June 8th. Check-in daily is required.

And yes, the guys boast that they staked a whole million $CYBER.

- Oh, who missed it. EtherFi has opened token claims. Many sybills will now run into the restaking narrative. So nothing left there for lowbanks. Sad truth! 

- Jupiter rolled out more info about their launch pool

- 250k new people joined Grass in a week!!! Hype. Join in too

- Want a Gryazin‘s (digest author) card in Fantasy? Support the tweet with likes and replies!

🎧 Early Project News*:

- People on Twitter are actively making memes about Pacmoon to earn points for the second season drop. More views = more points = more drops.

*Early projects can turn out to be either scams or profitable. Be careful! :)


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