Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #766, 02 June 2023

SPIN airdrop check and Polygon EVM


Hey, Moni Maker!Β πŸ‘Ύ

Today, in 1851, the state of Maine in the USA became the first to prohibit the sale of alcohol with the introduction of the "dry law." So what? History is almost repeating itself... now in the USA, cryptocurrencies are essentially being banned.

There is a similarity between this story and the fight against crypto. Prohibiting doesn't make sense because people will still buy what they need. Through underground alcohol empires, third-party exchanges, also VPNs.

And there is a big difference. Crypto is a development and a technology of the future. Alcohol is a drug (sorry, gotta be honest!), bringing no useful benefits to society.

Well, okay, let's hope the American government will come to its senses. Now, let's talk about SPIN, which will have its TGE very soon and has recently moved to Polygon EVM! Moreover, we pass the Cedro Finance testnet and read about the airdrop from Swell.

News? We have some. Twitter is among the most hated brands in the USA; Tether is heavily investing in Georgia.

Let's go!


Spin is now available on Polygon EVM!

Spin has expanded to Polygon EVM! What does this mean?

– Lower fees

– Higher throughput

– Most importantly, a multi-chain course

In other words, NEAR remains, but Polygon EVM joins. Which chains will be next? We're waiting!

Right now, you can use:

– Spot trading

– Perpetual futures

– Vault DeFi options

You can also check your Spin airdrop, which is coming soon - click.


Tether heavily invests in Georgia | The USA hates Twitter?

– In the USA, they called Twitter as 4th of the most hated 7 brands (btw, looks like propaganda. Please, bear in mind, such news are about to come more often thanks to elections) 

– Tether invests in Georgia





Swell is distributing an airdrop for staking

We've written a lot about Swell, and today the guys rolled out an airdrop announcement.

– The $SWELL token will come this year

– 5% of all tokens will go towards the airdrop

– Currently, that's $50 million. The larger the Total Value Locked (TVL), the bigger the airdrop will be

– Pearls are given out for staking Ethereum. They can later be exchanged for tokens

– The guys will update the statistics weekly to show how many pearls you will receive.

Want to check it out? Follow the link.


Cedro Finance: Testnet on LayerZero with rewards!

Please bear in mind it's not a shill, and we have no responsibilities for the project. It's on your own, ok? 

Cedro is a cross-chain liquidity protocol on LayerZero. So airdrop is coming (probably). We should pass the testnet, right? 

What's up:

- Moni Discover Score: 396 (very cool!)

- Degens in followers: 72 (a lot!)

- Have funds and will share them

What to do:

- Follow the link and connect your wallet

- Claim tokens in the Faucet tab

- Go to the Market, choose a token, and Supply/Borrow

- Repeat with different tokens

- Go to the Dashboard and withdraw a bit

- Click on the arrow icon in the top right corner

- Take a screenshot of the transactions

- Leave feedback on Discord



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