Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #829, 14 September 2023

opBNB has launched, but it seems everyone doesn't really care


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1959, the Luna-2 spacecraft reached the surface of the Moon. Well, our appetites have diminished a bit: the Moon is good, ToTheMoon is inevitable, but maybe some other time. At the moment, crypto heads are trying not to go crazy due to the boring market, not to capitulate, and somehow make/save some money. Long story short, September has always been a topsy-turvy month, so we're enjoying what we have.

Project news:

- Right now, you can mint NFTs on mint.fun. Oh, what project is this? Paragraph, one of the six projects BASE invested in. Minting costs pennies in gas. And yes, the mint of Paragraph #1 is on mint.fun.

- friend.tech has remained a favorite toy of crypto bros for a whole month, which is a really long time in the current reality. The project has attracted $30 million in TVL over the last 30 days, and in terms of the number of "returning" users, friend.tech is OVERPLAYING many crypto projects: over 8k users per day. That's a lot. And the number keeps growing every day. Don't forget to share invites and purchase some keys. Btw, not financial advice, because this whole ponzi could easily collapse at any moment.

- In light of BASE's success and its projects, the launch of opBNB looks... boring. The only thing that interests the author of this digest is how to withdraw money from opBNB without using the official bridge, so as not to wait a whole 7 days. Maybe we're mistaken, but there doesn't seem to be any clear community interest in L-2 on the BNB chain yet.

Interesting stuff:

- Vitalik Buterin wants Ethereum to compete with Google and Twitter in creating crypto tech. Sounds intriguing! 

- In Singapore, one fund has been banned from trading. What fund is it? :) Three Arrows Capital. But it's a bit late... do you have high ping there?


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