Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #858, 02 November

In the crypto market with no changes, we're diving into Mantle


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

While crypto influencers recover from Halloween celebrations and rejoice in green candles (in their pumpkins), we suggest you dive into L-1 Mantle.


- In the last 30 days, the Total Value Locked (money, in short) in the Mantle blockchain has increased by 42.82%.

Haters: "Well, Aptos has even gone up by 70%! So what?"

- Also, at the end August, Mantle started the "Mantle Journey" activity with 25 million $MNT tokens: 15 will go to users, and 10 to projects.

- Plus! We have the Tsunami Finance project, which was initially on Aptos. In September, they added Mantle. Many others are following suit.

What to do?

Participate in the "Mantle Journey"! First, create a profile:

- Go here and connect your wallet. Add the network.

- Then, buy SBT tokens with $MNT, the native token of the Mantle blockchain.

- Swap any token on the Ethereum network for $MNT:

1) Go to 1inch

2) Swap USDT for 0x3c3a81e81dc49a522a592e7622a7e711c06bf354 (or just search for $MNT, but don't accidentally buy a scam token).

- Bridge $MNT through the official bridge. You can also use these:

1) Orbiter Finance

2) Altitude 

3) Router Protocol

4) XY Finance

5) Rubic

6) Owlto Finance

- Later, buy SBT in your profile. Link your Twitter account and fill out your profile; it's all super easy.

- Voila! Start exploring the ecosystem

You can explore the top projects from the leaderboard. These are DEXs. It's possible to find some gems. Classic moves: swap, provide liquidity, and so on:

- Fusion 

- iZiSwap

- AGNI Finance

Goal: earn points and engage with as many projects as possible to qualify for someone's drop. Even if you don't get in, as the Celestia drop showed, a well-developed wallet can yield good bonuses in the future. So, let's go, as they say.

Good luck, traveler!






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