Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #761, 26 May 2023

Don't miss the next narrative! (Exploring LSDfi)


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1868, the last public execution took place in England. Thank Satoshi, we have much more entertainment these days than such spectacles…

For example, reading digests! So, let's talk about the next (probably) huge narrative - LSDfi. We'll discuss the news: Ordinals are attracting Ethereum developers, Do Kwon is not released on bail, and the FBI warns about crypto-slavery in Asia. Also, we are supposed to participate in the 1inch contests ofc. 

Let's go!


Exploring LSDfi - the next big narrative?

Being early in a narrative is essential for maximizing earnings; remember the meme coins. Plus, many of Moni Talks' followers asked to write here our thoughts on the market more often, in addition to activities and news.

We agree that LSD (liquid staking derivative) may be the narrative of the summer. 

What is LSDfi?

Essentially, long story short, it's DeFi based on LSD. Like, DeFi joins the party: yield farming, stablecoins, lending, LSD baskets, etc. In short, more DeFi to the DeFi god!

Why should you follow?

At the very least, the buzz on Twitter. Whether the DeFi summer will repeat itself when some of our acquaintances make life-changing money is yet to be clear, but the hype is growing, and you can't miss it.

But the technology comes first, of course :)

I don't understand; where do I start?

We suggest keeping an eye on the following projects:

Pendle (trade assets with discount)

Agility (farming)

Swell (easy staking)

Lybra Finance (stablecoin)

gUSHer (early)

Alacrity (early)

Remember that all of them could be scams, and you could be the victim.


Do Kwon, Ordinals... ugh, well

– Ordinals are attracting former Ethereum developers to work on Bitcoin

– Montenegro won't release Do Kwon on bail

– The FBI warned tourists about crypto-slavery in Asian countries





1inch is giving away money for your cringe stories

In honor of Bitcoin Pizza Day, which was on May 22nd, the 1inch folks decided to give away some $$$ for the top three stories. Here's how it goes:

– Remember a cringe story. How you lost money or how you dumped coins right before a pump. Basically, something funny and cringy!

– Go to 1inch's Reddit page. Leave your story. There will be three winners: $500, $350, and $150 in 1inch tokens.

But before you rush to write your story...

We recommend... no, we strongly urge you to download the 1inch wallet on iOS/Android and make swaps through the PC exclusively using our link, with minimal gas fees - click, click, click 👈

Now, about the contest...

– Join here

– Write your story here

– Wait until May 29th

Break a leg! 


Avnu: DEX Testnet on StarkNet

Please bear in mind it's not a shill, and we have no responsibilities for the project. It's on your own, ok? 

Avnu is a young DEX on StarkNet that entices us to test their platform. They promise gasless trading, protection against MEV, zero slippage, and other cool features we'll explore in the full version. The developers have yet to be ready to discuss the presence of their own token because they are making value for StarkNet, but we hope...

What's up:

- Moni Discover Score: 293 (very good!)

- Followed degens: 44 (a whole gang)

- They might drop a token; why do you ignore it? 

- Plus, active involvement on StarkNet

What to do:

- Choose and install a wallet (if you don't have one), like Argent or Braavos

- Use the faucet or transfer from Goerli via the bridge

- Follow the link and connect your wallet

- Swap everything you have in different directions

- Leave feedback in Discord



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