Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #758, 23 May

LayerZero - “Airdrop confirmed”. Did they take a snapshot?


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in the year 2000, Eminem released "The Marshall Mathers LP," which many consider one of Marshall's best works. Well, we mean Eminem. Well, he's Marshall Mathers... Wow, it's interesting!

For rap fans, it's immediately clear that Eminem is Marshall and what kind of album it is. But for those who don't like rap, it's unclear. In the crypto world, we love using our slang everywhere, and, in the process, we also belittle anyone who doesn't understand that slang. And today, let's talk about the confirmed airdrop from LayerZero. We'll also discuss news from HotBit, FTX, and others.

Let's go!


Airdrop from LayerZero on May 26?

Very briefly and dryly:

– In the Twitter streets, they started talking a lot about Hebi, a well-known Chinese crypto guy who is also a top airdrop farmer, announcing the date of the airdrop from LayerZero.

– Supposedly, it will be on May 26. Well, an announcement.

What are the criteria for receiving the airdrop:

– Addresses older than May 2023

– Minimum of 5 interactions

– At least 2 cross-bridges

– Consistent actions on the network (that's an interesting point)

– 10 transfers to other wallets (this part could use clarification!)

Something like that. Who knows? Well, we still have ZkSync. And with it, Venom, Scroll, Base, and we're waiting for the release of Spin. All guides can be found via Telegram

As they say, we're waiting SOON.


Hotbit closes | FTX opens

– Hotbit leaves crypto. You have time to withdraw your money until 21 of June 

– FTX 2.0 - yes! A new CEO confirmed


Moni - a new (old) brand!




Gem Hunters raise x's. Or vice versa? 

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