Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #760, 25 May 2023

Let's learn more about Ethereum


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today in Peru, they celebrate Clown Day. Well... of course, every crypto influencer should celebrate! Although looking at some politicians and regulators, we are not clowns but rather serious people.

Now let's read a thread about Ethereum and learn more facts about it and its founder Vitalik Buterin. Moving on to the news: Tether in Georgia, CZ predicts a bull run, a US presidential candidate against CBDC, and in favor of Bitcoin. 

Overall, there isn't so much news and activities; maybe it's for the better?

Let's go!


Facts about Ethereum you may not know

We've found a thread that can tell many followers completely new (well-forgotten old) facts about Ethereum:

– The history of the Ethereum creation

– What happened to Ethereum during the era of meme coins?

– A little more about Vitalik Buterin

It's easy reading to skim through, taking a break from everyday tasks.


CZ is waiting for BULL RUN

– CZ predicts bull run 

– Tether will cooperate with Georgian University 

– Policy DeSantis: ‘Bitcoin Represents a Threat to the Current Regime’


The CZ’s tweet explanation



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