Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #755, 18 May 2023

5 ZkSync projects to DYOR!


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Today is International Museum Day! Eh…in crypto you don't need it. You can dive into the chat on Telegram or Discord to find exhibits you will see nowhere. Ok, just trolling. 

Now we'll cover the ZkSync projects. Also, here is some news: AnotherBlock raised 4,4m, Tether will be investing in BTC, Apple let Axie enter the App Store Castle, and Bitcoin Frogs outplayed BAYC. 

Let's go!


Five projects on ZkSync to DYOR and grab airdrop

The memecoin hype train is gone. Now we can focus on ZkSync exploring. We highly recommend you to DYOR these projects in anticipation of an airdrop. Btw, be careful. All of them can turn into scams one day. 

- zkSync Name Service

Our analytical platform Moni Discover shows 40 scores here; it's not a great result. Btw, we think you should register at least one domain.

- Orbiter Finance 

We have covered the Orbiter Finance project since Odyssey began. No token yet. Just swap in a cross-bridge manner. 

- Layerswap

The same here. Btw, good followers, and the score is 337. A high one! 

- Mint Square

NFT marketplace. Just mint, sell, and buy NFT. 

- SyncSwap 

DEX. Swap, provide liquidity, and so on. 


Stablecoin invests in BTC

– AnotherBlcok raised 4,4m 

– Tether to invest up to 15% of its profits in bitcoin

– Apple allows Axie Infinity crypto game on the App Store

– Bitcoin Frogs outpaces Bored Apes to become hottest NFT collection during past 24 hours



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