Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #937, 25 March

Europe is banning anon wallets? No, but that's far from the most important news


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is sports movie day. In crypto, every day is like a sport! Catching FOMO, running away from FOMO, overtaking FOMO... The main thing is to move in the right direction and at your own pace. Crypto is a marathon, not a sprint, get it?

But we're fast. And we'll quickly tell you the most important things from the crypto world right now. After all, we value your time, time is Moni.

📰 News going to print:

- There are reports that the European Union has started banning anonymous crypto wallets. Apparently, not entirely. Self-custodial wallets are not banned, neither is p2p. But paying merchants with a wallet without KYC will either be impossible or very difficult. In short, you can use crypto anonymously, but you can't pay for services with it (depending on the services, hehe)

- Now you can find a wallet via ENS through Google. For example, type "ass.eth" and see the balance. Mass adoption comes

- Cool thread about FDV

🔮 Project news:

- Farcaster's Inguana. People are minting it hoping for a drop, mint it too

- Check out the $KEROSENE drop for holders of HoneyCombs, Miladies and others. How many times did we say to buy HoneyCombs? :D Even when they were worth 0.04 ETH

- Ai Waifu launches today. They've already done 2x since we mentioned them

- Venom on OKX at 8:00 UTC today. It will also appear on other exchanges

- Blast supports projects from the Gang Bang (Big Bang) list and sends them Blast Gold

- Holding $GEIST? Check the airdrop

🎧 Early project news*:

- TaoPad is launching its second presale, now TaoTradeX is in the game

*Early projects can turn out to be scams or profitable. Be careful! :)




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