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ENS and Name Wrapper. We’ll remind you why you need these subdomains


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is the DJ’s day! Eh…we do not make music; you can listen to Gryazin’s tracks on Audius. Like, “ФОМОЕБ” - the greatest hit! 

Also, we’ll talk about ENS and subdomains and how society can use them. Also, we’ll fill the form to Stack Swap.

Let’s go! 


ENS to launch subdomains! But why? For WRAPPER!

ENS, a project for creating domains on Ethereum, will soon launch a subdomain feature! Well, not the feature itself, but a wrapper.

Don't understand…

Okay, imagine you had a domain fomoboy.eth. Now you can create airdrop.fomoboy.eth! You could already do that, but it will be easier to manage with the wrapper.

And what will it give?

Read the article about subdomains that we shilled a long time ago. There are methods of application and benefits for the community. Read it here.


Yuga Labs made x's BTC NFT | Arbitrum airdrop soon? 

– Drop-hunters are waiting for L-2 Ethereum in hopes of a drop

– Yuga Labs raised $16 million when they released their first NFT collection on bitcoin


Cyber Stadium - mint today

Who won WLs? Be ready! 


Stack Swap: A New Drop on Arbitrum?

Disclaimer: Moni Talks is not responsible for this project. If it scams you, it's your own fault, don't cry in the chat, okay? We brought it to you for study.

Stack Swap is a swap machine on Arbitrum. We are sooo early, btw some cool degens follow it and you already can fill out the form to participate in the beta test.

What's going on:

- Moni Discover Score: 180 (wow-wow!)

- Subscribed degens: 500altcoins, cryptodetweiler, Casper (and many others)

- You can fill out the form via the website

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