Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #765, 01 June

Orbiter has been hacked, but we're still DYORin projects on ZkSync


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is the first day of summer! Well, what can I say? If you're a student, we wish you good luck with your exams. If you're a working person, we hope you have fewer work-related stresses. But most importantly, please take some time to chill this summer, even if it's just a little. Rest is very important.

But now, let's get to work! Let's watch a video with a detailed breakdown of projects on ZkSync that will definitely boost your retrodrop and potentially shower you with rewards as well. We'll also participate in the Cashmere Labs testnet; it's interesting!

For something to read, here's an article about the security of Telegram and Discord on board. And in the news: Discord's Orbiter has been hacked, and a stablecoin is being launched in Hong Kong.

Let's go!


ZkSync project you should use to grab an airdrop

Here is the list of ZkSync projects we recommend you to DYOR. NFA, as always, take your own risks, please. 

Notice! The Orbiter Discord has been hacked, so avoid clicking phishing links, please. 

1) Orbiter Finance: orbiter.finance

Claim Orbiter NFT: https://galxe.com/OrbiterFinance/camp...

2) ZkSync Name Service: zkns.domains

3) SyncSwap: syncswap.xyz

4) Mint Square: mintsquare.io

5) Goal3: portal.goal3.xyz

6) LayerSwap: layerswap.io

7) eZKalibur: https://twitter.com/zkaliburDEX

8) EraLend: https://twitter.com/Era_Lend

9) Vermont DEX: https://twitter.com/VermontDex (early)

10) Prisma Finance: https://twitter.com/PrismaFi (early)


Honk Kong welcomes crypto!

– Hong Kong-based First Digital introduces USD stablecoin

Telegram & Discord Security



He raised 1,1 million... 


Cashmere Labs: Testnet, LayerZero, and Binance in one place!

Please bear in mind it's not a shill, and we have no responsibilities for the project. It's on your own, ok? 

What's up:

- Moni Discover Score: 396 (very cool!)

- Degens in followers: 72 (a lot!)

- Raised a lot of money, Binance Labs

What to do:

- Go here

- Go to the Dashboard and use Faucets

- Go here and make a deposit

- Go here and swap in other networks

- Complete additional tasks on Galxe

- Mint NFTs here

- Complete tasks on Zealey

- Complete tasks on Layer3

- Claim a role in Guild

- Provide feedback





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