Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #764, 31 May

Keep looking for gems on the Bitcoin network


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today is World No Smoking Day. We're not your mom, ofc - but once again, let us give you a reminder. Your carcass (well, body) is very important. Without your body, there are no x's, no gems, and no crypto :) So watch not only the balance on your wallet but also your health. 

After all, how great to be energetic! You can find a lot of gems on BTC. Here we found a couple; we'll show you soon. We'll also cover LayerZero voting. 

News, of course. PayPal has a big appetite for the stablecoin world, and Coinbase's CEO sees a threat from China. When will Ethereum be worth $51,000 each? PancakeSwap is launching a game,

Let’s go! 


Two BTC projects to DYOR

Eh, we know you missed BTC projects. Let us feed your brain with two early gems (probably rekts). DYOR, as always. 

Dysto Wassies

It’s a Wassie derivative. BTW, the Wassie founder follows them on Twitter, so it’s worth it to DYOR and try to grab a WL via discord. Break a leg! 


Not so many smarts; btw we highly recommend you follow them and watch them. Soon they will raffle Wls, and we can’t miss it. 


The Game from PancakeSwap and $51k for Ethereum

– PancakeSwap launches the game 

– VanEck expects ETH to rise to $51,000 by 2030

– Coinbase CEO cites rising threat from China in fresh plea to US officials

– PayPal continues to eye stablecoin space


Wisdom of the Day


LayerZero: Guild Pin - a small thing, but just in case

What to do:

- Follow the link

- Click on Mint Guild Pin (1 MATIC)


- First one (until May 31st)

- Second one (until June 4th)





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