Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #930, 14 March

Dencun has passed!


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1839, the term 'photography' was first used in a public presentation. Once considered a SUPER advancement for people, now anyone can take photos.

What's the point? Never stop dreaming. What seems impossible to you today will be your reality tomorrow. The main thing is to act. And read our digests. They're all about what matters. Because we value your time, time is Moni.

📰 News ready to print:

- The Dencun update made L2 on Ethereum cheaper. Like, on BASE, it's only $0.008 per swap

We didn't personally check, did you? Anyway, it's very cool. Cheaper gas -> more cool projects -> more earnings

- Elon Musk mentioned $DOGE again. Said that Tesla will eventually accept $DOGE as payment. We bought $DOGE on Friday :))) +25% in the pocket, hooray!

Once again, we remind you! Buying meme coins is smart. Not financial advice

- Over a billion dollars flowed into BTC ETF IN A DAY. BlackRock leads, pouring in $849 million

- In Thailand, accredited investors will be allowed to buy BTC ETF

🔮 Project updates:

- Grass. Lots of talk. The third epoch has just begun. Apparently, it's still not too late to get in. On average, on Whales Market, 1 point sells for $0.003

Farm, share referral links, and so on. A nobrain move, as they say!

Get in through the link

- Swell is launching L2 for restaking based on EigenLayer. Something very cool is coming

- Blast fell yesterday against the backdrop of the Ethereum update. But rose again!

- Whoever holds Beramonium, they launched a game there. And you can stake bears

- We posted about it before, but once again. EtherFi will be on Binance. Let's see how many billions these
points will bring us

- Apparently, friend.tech will launch the second version of the app on April 27th

🎧 Early project news*:

- Blast fell yesterday, so Pacmoon postponed the airdrop for 24 hours. Today we're waiting at 17:00 UTC (approximate time!!!)

- Ai Waifu raised $3.37 million from participants in 43 hours. They'll be closing the fundraising soon.

*Early projects can turn out to be either scams or profitable. Be careful! :)

💸 Which projects raised money?

- Munchables received investments from Manifold and others. It's an interesting game on Blast. You can participate in the raffle




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