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Gem City goes to Aptos. Again!

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Today they wanna go to Aptos again in Gem City. The former mayor and current DAO member made a list of projects you should DYOR. You'll find it below. 

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- Bezier WL

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Aptos kid: projects, +431% for a month and FOMO

One month ago, the crypto chats bullied those who bought Aptos believing in the pump. So...

In 30 days, that is, from December 26 to January 26, the $APT  token soared by...+431%. Here's where FOMO comes in: put in $1,000 and get $3300 net profit.

The channels are starting to analyse. Some talk about the upcoming altseason, and others - make sense of the situation. And some are waiting for the dump, and the signal for short. We will not play analysts but will give you a list of projects to follow.

Disclaimer: these projects by Gryazin chose them, and he also communicated to them. But neither I nor Satoshi, no one can guarantee that all this is not a well-planned scam. Always be careful. If you get scammed, don't whine to the admins.

- AptoMingos

We've written about them, talked about them, and are still talking about them. The floor is $54 $APT. The guys recently did an airdrop of keys that will open something interesting. They are working very hard, processing memes with Partick Bateman. Beautiful! 158k $APT in volumes. Second place on the Topaz NFT platform.

- AptosPad

A project whose backer is Aptos Ecosystem from Mr Ame. Earrlyyy. Soon IDOs should come there!

Fair-launch platform. As the saying goes, the one who has time is the one who has x's. The guys have a crew3 form; it might be worth filling out. 

- ApStation

Project to launch NFT collections. The Guys sold their passes recently. They're only 1.8 APT right now. It might be worth grabbing some.

So what? 

What's there to write? Put yourself together, and let's work! It's pretty possible we wrote Aptos off early. 


No one needs Porshe!

Press: Nobody needs Porsches, exciting projects on ETH and Solana, and possible gems. Digest - esthete!

Check this Digest on Telegram or on the website


Dimensionals: Hero from metaverse

Two words. Yes, two words they always use to grind some moni from funds. Two words to attract as
many normies as it’s possible. Metaverse and NFT. Today’s project is the same, btw let’s go deeper.

Dimensionals is an epic gaming web3 multiverse containing heroes, whom you’ll’’ be able to create using different measurements…hell knows what does it mean. Ok, long story short, it’s all about NFTs and meateverses. And yes, it’s developed by Mino Games studio. 

So early! So what do we have: 

– No nonames on da board

– The game, the NFTt, the metaverse…all-in-one! 

– Freemoit 

– They spent some moni on trailer 

Beside the DYOR process, you can participate in the ruffle. 





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MUX: Testnet on Scroll

MUX is a complex of protocols with features that will offer optimized trading cost, deep liquidity, a wide range of leverage options and diverse market options for traders. Long story short, guys wanna create a great platform for traders. 

As you know, the first projects are sometimes generous in the terms of airdrop. So…

👷 Prepare to test:

- Add chains and tokens via a link

- Use faucet

- Use bridge

- Swap and provide some liquidity

🛠 Testing:

- Go by the link

- Open longs / shorts

- Add liquidity

- Use other functions

Then, follow Twitter and Discord .


degeeen neeews

Current state of RWAs 

Introducing AQ1: An ERC-721-Based Reserve Asset 

Surge protocol 

GMX's $GLP Wars: Pt. 2 



SEE YOU LATER!                  

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