Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #990, 05 June

Waiting for L0, heading to Thailand


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1966, humanity made its third spacewalk. Back then, it was a big event! Nowadays, it doesn’t really surprise anyone.

The same goes for crypto. At first, a 2-3x excites you, but then even 10x seems commonplace. But remember, the bull market is not infinite. So, don’t miss out on profits and fix them in time.

Now, a brief overview of important news. We value your time; time is Moni.

What’s up?

– LayerZero will distribute its airdrop across 67 projects. They say you can check your eligibility through this checker.

Well, it showed incorrectly for Clusters.

You can check a couple of wallets. But at your own risk. 

– Pavel Durov (Telegram CEO) is shilling $NOT. He says they gave him $4 million two weeks ago, and now it’s already $24 million. Pavel got 6x.

In addition, yesterday on DeDust, a TON/USDT pool was opened with 2,580,000 $TON ($17.8 million).

You can place your TON and USDT there. But remember, with significant token price changes, there could be losses.

Don’t put all your $TON and $USDT in, but you can put in some. We also recommend looking into bemo liquid staking. You can place your $TON there too.

Maybe there will be an airdrop :)

– Fantasy launched a Burn mechanism.

You can burn your 2 cards to get a 0.5% chance of getting a better card.

They say only those who participated in the early testnet can do this. Gryazin did it and got one card worse in rating instead of two bad cards :(

House Always Wins. But maybe it’s worth burning a couple of the worst ones to show activity on the
platform for a potential future airdrop (if there will be one).

– Thailand has approved the first Bitcoin ETF in the country.

Who’s from Thailand? Gryazin will go there soon. Let’s have some fun.




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