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Celestia – the new Solana? Let's break it down


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

You, as an intelligent person, understand the cyclical nature of markets. History repeats itself, history rhymes, and all that jazz. The $TIA token is approaching its all-time high of $6.36, and we're taking a look at the Celestia project. Well, those are the ones that recently had a giveaway.

But first, let's delve into a bit of history.

Every cycle had its winner 🤔

– Cycle I (2011-2013). There were Bitcoin, Litecoin, and various PoW chains. Bitcoin did it.

– Cycle II (2014-2017). There were Ethereum, EOS, and so on. Ethereum did it.

– Cycle III (2018-2022). There were Avalanche, Terra, Solana. Solana did it.

– Cycle IV (2023-2026) could well belong to Celestia.

Long story short, Celestia is like a virtual cloud for blockchains. An interesting narrative.

The project has a decent team. The COO was previously at Harmony, a co-founder worked at Consensys (the parent company of MetaMask). And the CEO co-founded a project that was later acquired by Zuckerberg's people.

In summary, here's what you can do:

🟣️ Consider holding the $TIA coin for the long term. If it takes Solana's place, it could potentially give 10-20x’s from current price. However, it's advisable to think and acquire it during a dip. Not financial advice.

🟣️ Keep an eye on the project. It's possible that they might do a giveaway for actual users, rather than almost anyone.

🟣️ Check out the interesting project MilkyWay. They are launching liquid staking on Celestia. Some smarts follow them. So follow them :) 


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