Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #896, 18 January

Trump Opposes CBDC, So What?


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Today, in 2012, Wikipedia shut down access to its English-language site for a day. This was caused by a law in the USA that was supposed to start combating internet piracy. Overall, this term "internet piracy" is quite nasty. On one hand, the author should earn their rightful money. On the other, all our ideas aren't truly ours. They are ultimately made from others' ideas :) Cryptocurrencies make the world fairer, allowing people to earn from their ideas. Just remember the royalties from NFTs. Without any courts or laws.


📰 News going to press:

– Trump spoke out against CBDC. Generally, it's unclear. Should we panic about this CBDC and what it actually brings. Tired of the "digital proson" scare tactics. Your card can be blocked today if something happens. But overall, we support the anti-CBDC narrative. Crypto forever! Hardcore forever! F@ck bankers!

– Tether has applied for trademark registrations in Russia. Also, Tether owns a whopping $2.8 billion in Bitcoin after a recent purchase of $380 million worth of Bitcoin. Wow! These guys might soon start stepping on BlackRock's toes in terms of influence, if not already. The world is changing... Probably why BlackRock moved into Bitcoin. Wanting to compete with the young and stay afloat.

– About 50,000 BTC started moving after a long hibernation. All because of the adopted ETF. As we wrote. Adopting an ETF is a super long-term process. HODL.

🔮 What are the projects doing?

– Monad is soon launching their testnet.

– Frax Finance is launching L2 in February. The team is top, they've survived the bear market well, worth a look!

💸 Which projects raised money?

– WOO raised $9m from Wintermute, Selini Capital, Presto Labs, AlphaLab Capital, and others. It's a trading platform. Worth a try.




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