Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #987, 31 May

Buterin Reflects, Clusters Distributes


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Today is World No Tobacco Day. Smoking is, of course, harmful. But missing opportunities to earn in crypto is even worse.

You can quit smoking, but the fear of missing out (FOMO)... most people have it for life. We help manage FOMO and reduce it.

Now, a brief overview of what's important. Because we value your time, and time is Moni.

What's up?

– Clusters will airdrop LayerZero tokens to everyone who managed to create a domain before the first snapshot. Look for yourself in this form. It glitches, so be patient.

If you created a domain on Solana, IMMEDIATELY connect an EVM wallet (from Rabby or Metamask) via "Add Wallet."

– Recently, there were rumors that Elon Musk is an advisor to Trump on crypto.

Mr. Musk denied the information. But he said that he "supports things that shift power from the government to the people."

Why aren't you shilling our bags then, Elon??? WHERE ARE THE TWEETS ABOUT MEMES ON TON???

– Buterin: Buterin released an interesting article where he reflects on L2 and blockchains in general.

In short, Buterin sees value in each L2 bringing its own "subculture" to Ethereum, which in turn makes Ethereum even more diverse. In other words, this world needs both hardcore speculators and highly
ideological cyberpunks, and everyone in between.

Buterin stands FOR pluralism. We support this. We need to look at everything and highlight what’s effective. Memes are currently effective for the wallet!


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