Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #865, 13 November 2023

Tips for Bulls. The most crucial for you


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Well, let's start Monday with a post about the bull market. Everyone is waiting for it, but few are prepared.

And preparation is necessary!

Otherwise, you'll end up with nothing by the end of the bull run, poor and resentful of the world. So, here are 5 tips for bulls:

🟣️ Everyone has their own size

You'll see people throwing 100 ETH into meme coins. Ofc, you'll want to do the same, but... remember, everyone has their own deposit size. For some, it's $10,000,000, for others, it's $1,000. That's okay. Always base your decisions on your own size and capabilities.

🟣️ Presales and launchpads – your friends

It may sound funny now, but during a bull run, tokens in presales can give you 5-10x returns and more, much more. Don't miss token launches and try to be among the first.

As it was in 2021, the play-to-earn narrative was popular. So, a lot of garbage pumped from it even without a demo version of the game.

🟣️ Your brain is your friend and enemy

You need your brain during a bull run. To think about safety, to slow yourself down in time and take profits, to do networking. But often, your brain can outplay you. Like when you want to jump into a coin, but your brain stops you. "What if it's a scam... I need to analyze it...".


Popular narrative + meme + hype = x’s!.

Overthinking + inaction = staying poor.

But also:

Not thinking at all + throwing money around = becoming poor.

It's all about finding the right balance!

🟣️ Cash flow

This means stop jer@ing off (sorry) thinking about the numbers on the screen! You live in a world where fiat currency still rules. Withdraw money, pay off debts, close your mortgage, buy gifts for your parents, save for your kids' education, and build an emergency fund.

🟣️ Remember the bear market

Remember that everything has an end. Even the bull run. So, take your profits before the market crashes, and you find yourself back at square one, where you worked so hard to escape from.

But we believe that you will succeed, and the bull market will reward you if you continue to study the market and don't give up. The bull market is coming soon.




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