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BTC = $24k. The bull run is coming? The USA banks case.


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1994, the 1.0.0. a version of Linux came to fruition. In the CIS region, we have jokes like "if you wanna have hard sex - install Linux". Btw, despite the fact of the complicated installation process, Linux attracts a lot of people to its systems. Crypto lives the same way! 

Yes, it looks like a geek's toy in society's mind, but people still are interested. That's why BTC crossed the 24k line yesterday, and we'll talk about that. Moreover, we'll cover the banks' case. And DYOR MapleStory Universe, of course! 

Let's go! 


Bitcoin = $24k. Buy? Banks. Bye?

Long story short, the American banks decided to crash following SVB and Signature Bank. Mr Biden had an AMA in that he said the USA would not be able to protect some investors' money, and yes, they would punish every responsible face for that hell.

The world follows the USA! The Japanese index Topix Banks fell by 7%, the worst result in the last three years. Spanish Santander and german Commerzbank fell by 10% in one moment…

Ok! What about crypto? Bitcoin is growing. Yesterday it crossed the $24k line. For now, BTC = $24 349.

So what? 

Okay, never mind. Let's return to Biden's speech and grab some needed words. He said the USA would do everything to save the economy. So… money printer goes brrr? Seems this way. 

But… it looks like the American powers postponed something irreversible. Something that will hurt us much more than every crisis did...Ok! We are not economists. We'll go back to the APE JPEG posts. 


FED airdrops? IMF vs CRYPTO

– The FED will give 25 billion to the banks.

– Euler Finance was exploited for 200 grand.

– Crypto is taking credit away from banks - IMF   


Hayes predicts bulllllssssss



MapleStory Universe: 100x gaming gem? Probably…

Disclaimer: Moni Talks is not responsible for this project. If it scams you, it's your own fault, don't cry in the chat, okay? We brought it to you for study.

MapleStory Universe is a gaming ecosystem inspired by a game of the same name. Btw, we DYOR this game because… 

What's going on:

- Moni Discover Score: 253 (outstanding)

- Subscribed degens: too many to count 

- P2E based on an old and popular game

- The team has some well-played web2 projects 

The vid on the website tells us these guys want to occupy the p2e segment and build some NFT and blockchain gems. We'll see. 

The strategy: Follow them on Twitter. Try to grab some Wls. 

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