Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #759, 24 May 2023

Don't ignore coins on Bitcoin!


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, in 1989, the film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" was released in the USA. Well, do you see the parallels? We are all Indiana Joneses here too!

Crypto is a virtual adventure. Every day, we try to find precious gems (100x), dodging the arrows of scammers (drainers) and hordes of crazies (regulators).

Now let's step into the unknown - learn about the top projects of the moment in Bitcoin. Also, we'll read the news: Ledger is stepping back, the US is losing in cryptocurrency, and Elon Musk warns against DOGE.

Let's go!


The top three projects on Bitcoin right now

Our buddy Miguel Rare wrote an excellent thread on Twitter about three projects on the Bitcoin network that he is following.

It seems that the Bitcoin coin train will soon arrive at its final station, so we must jump into the last car and try to grab some gains.

In short:

BitStake Protocol

The first staking platform with a launchpad for BRC-20 tokens.


This is the first BRC-20 AMM on Bitcoin.


A new standard for NFTs on Bitcoin.

Read the thread


Ledger has postponed Recovery, but…

– Ledger is postponing the launch of Ledger Recover (but Ledger will cooperate with authorities if they want access to seeds. But that was expected.)

– The US is "losing" the Bitcoin movement: Cathie Wood.

– Elon Musk "doesn't recommend" buying $DOGE (basically, he's just saying to DYOR, “I'm not shilling anything”).


Twitter strikes back (one more time)

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