Daily Crypto NewsEDITION #826, 11 September 2023

Bryan Pellegrino VS The World (FTX, lol)


Hey, Moni Maker! 👾

Today, the world celebrates Sobriety Day. Your body - your choice. If you want to drink, go ahead. But try to moderate it, ok? Even with the posts from our channel :) They can be addictive. Well, you can go ahead with the posts, though.

Project News:

- The revenue of friend.tech for the last 30 days is $5.68 million. Spoiler alert! The project is alive and well and performing very strongly, so we continue distributing invites and await the drop.


- Yesterday, the heirs of FTX started pressing LayerZero, claiming that FTX invested a lot of millions in the project, so give it back! Of course, the crypto community started to worry, what if the investments are sued? How do we get the drop then? But Mr. Brian came to the defense of L0, trying to shift the blame in the opposite direction. Long story short, Brian claims that he tried to reach out to FTX and resolve the issues, but they were unresponsive. In short, we are watching.




true story, crypto boy? 


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